win Talk

Twin Talk       :       Audio Length:  1:23:30

Most embroyologic research supports the pervaisvness of twinism, meaning that many if not most of us had twins prenatally. And since only about 4 to 5% of us are born as twins it means that there is a lot of mortality of one of the twins resulting in the phneomoneno of lost twin syndorme, disappearing twin syndtome, vanshing twin and other descriptions of this loss. Perhaps it needs to be explained that even the earliest of twin loss, occurring in the first week after conception and before or during implantation, is deeply experienced by the surviving twin who can experience survivor's guilt if not even a sense that merely by living they had something to do with their twin's demise. And also, can the lost twin ever be recovered? How much of our remaining life do we spend in twin projections: looking for our lost twin in our lovers and our friends who can never really be what our twin was for us...can never really be that bridge to the divine which space was spanned together?

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Please notice the contact between the twins...as well as their different personalities, and different apearances.


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