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  Hi Friends,

I am happy to report that I am doing great health-wise! I beat the odds and am now a vital (living) man who hikes in the woods and loves to ride his mountain bike in the wild.

Thank you for your many prayers, your hopeful thoughts, your kind intentions, and your supportive attitute…I sometimes felt like I was resting in the palm of a loving giant, and I know your love helped in my healing process. I am truly in reverence and gratitude, humbled by the value of my relationships with you.

Last Fall I spent some time in London with my kids while I was on my brief European workshop tour. My son Ollie took me to an art exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. The artist was Mariko Mori and the name of her show was: Rebirth. I approach frenzy and rapture when I recognize prenatal or preconception images in art, and I could barely keep my balance as we wandered through this show. There were fallopian tubes, sperm, eggs, and a giant follicle that had the light of an embodying soul dancing within and around it. I hope you like her work and encourage you to explore her on your own.
Click Here for Mariko Mori Exhibition

Another piece of wonderful news for us, and our community of baby lovers, is that the work was well received in Portugal. My new friend, Ilja Van der Griend from Alma Soma, arranged for a Baby Clinic that was well received. I will begin a new Baby Therapy Course in Portugal in fall 2013. We also got some good press in one of the best Lisbon newspapers.
Click Here for Baby Therapy Course : Portugal

I was also interviewed by Maria João Prat of O nosso gravidez (Our pregnancy) and O nosso bebé (Our baby) magazines.
Click Here If You'd Like to Read It

Also, just for fun, have a look at this palpation mistake. My friend Archie visits me every year to do a little perinatal work. In this sequence you can see that my contact to him begins well. I fall a little in love with him, losing my exacting contact principles, and make too intense of contact at the back of his occiput. Archie freaks out for a second, but luckly does not flee the process.
Click Here for Archie

Kathryn too, is doing well. We're experiencing the opportunity to re-bond now that I am able to be more present as I am emerging from swampy darkness of PTSD and the near death process.
Click Here for Kathryn

Finally, here is something special I want to share with you. Breathtaking! Yesterday on the drive to Denver, just as I got to the open range of Southern Colorado, I encoutered a herd of wild mustangs on the lonely road. God bless you!
Click Here for Wild Mustangs

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