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But . . . you cannot work with babies if you do not have an appropriate understanding of God.
. . . So here I go again! When I say "God" or "the Divine" or "the Void," or "that which was here before anything was here and which will be here for ever after," or "the creator," or "the universe" . . . I am talking about something undeniable, something that is ever present and with you and before you and after you . . . all the time.

IT is something that you can interact with at higher and higher levels if you work at it.

I am not talking religion . . . . I am talking about waking up to something that is right here right now. Maybe the highest form of God is absolutely nothing, the nothing that was here before anything was here and will be here forever after . . . and the nothing that is here right now behind everything. God is every molecule, every atom, and every particle smaller than an atom, and all of the energy that exists. Sometimes these particles get organized into something that writes a poem or a text, or they get organized into something that reads a poem or a text. Or something that is dying or being born . . . or something, just born, that is talking in God's purest voice. You will discover the veracity of this when you learn to hear a baby. The voice of God, coming through a baby is nothing but Truth. The same truth is told over and over again by each baby in its own way.

Here is what the babies say. You can call the poem what you like . . . .


God's Truth,  or  Shiva's Seeds,  or  Here I Am, Hear Me

the lover of divinity
recognizes Divinity
in the language of babies
––the silent language of the body
and the not so silent language

God says
It has been a long journey.
I was made to feel separate, lost, and alone.
Here is where I was wounded
here is where I was nearly killed
here is where I lost my beloved
here is where there was no breath
here is what I sacrificed to arrive

God asks
Please could you hear me so that I am no longer alone?
Please could you listen and see me deeply
so that you can know it is truly me?
Please could you support and contact this new body
with your intelligence and compassion
so that I may release the tensions from my journey?

this is how I surrender to existence


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