Embodiment Course

The Embodiment Course helps students, in a safe and empathic environment, to discover and re-encounter some of their earliest embodied experiences:  conception and before.

Class 4
The Synchronistic Field of the Soul at Conception
Deeper into the Genes

After students have been initiated into the events of their sperm and egg journeys and their conception, they are prepared to go "behind the scenes" of the biologic, emotional, and psychological events occurring in and around the cells at the time of conception. In this realm, the "I" referred to by the students must be the soul, because they are naming an aspect of the Self, or individual consciousness, that is not reliant on the body for its existence. However, in order for the soul or Self or individual consciousness to participate directly in the human experience, it is reliant on the body, whatever stage of development the body happens to be in.

During conception, and especially during the stage of conception when the parental genes align, there are poignant micro-moments when the soul is shaped by biology, and simultaneously, when the soul influences and shapes biology. Human beings are genetically 99.99% the same. Obviously this .01% is relevant to our individual selfhood and influences the trajectory of a lifetime. How is this .01% impacted by the presence of a soul during the pertinent micro-moments of conception? What is the relevance of the morphogenetic field? Did "we" choose or influence some of our genetic make up? Now that we are adults, can we re-engineer the emphasis of our genetic expression, or can we re-direct our gene regulation factors so as to improve our lives from the deepest center of ourselves.

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