Embodiment Course

The Embodiment Course helps students, in a safe and empathic environment, to discover and re-encounter some of their earliest embodied experiences:  conception and before.

Class 2
Egg Journey

The egg you came from was formed inside the ovary in the first few weeks of your mother's life while she began her gestation inside the body of your grandmother.

This means that the egg you came from marinated in the energy of your grandmother's body for months, and then in your mother's body for years. How has this influenced who you are? In the egg journey class you can find out what it was like for your soul to develop its relationship with the matrilineal lineage, as well as the amazing egg cell itself. Upon ovulation, this cell, which has been stationary for decades, drifts from the ovary into another organ, the fallopian tube. Being the largest, and only round cell in the body, it then rolls down towards its destiny:  conception.

The egg journey class can help you answer some of the following questions:  What was the emotional and psychological environment of my conception? When did my "life" begin? Why did I choose my mother? How have my mothers and grandmothers experiences and attitudes towards life been unconsciously affecting me and how can this change? How did the stages of the egg journey affect my soul? When and how did my soul embody?


Thanks to Evelyn Beckmann for the glimpse into the ovary.

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