Embodiment Course

The Embodiment Course helps students, in a safe and empathic environment, to discover and re-encounter some of their earliest embodied experiences:  conception and before.

Class 3

Most people believe that life starts at conception. But when does conception start? When the sperm reaches the egg? When it enters the zona pellucida, the outer skin of the egg? Or does conception happen when the sperm enters the inner sphere of the egg, the ovum? Does life start when the genes from the mother and father come together? Or when they come apart? Conception is a process with twelve distinct stages that have been determined based upon years of regressive research by our faculty and hundreds of students. These same stages have also been identified and confirmed by the most contemporary and persuasive scientific research.

A better question to ask might be, "When does the soul enter the body?" And the answer to this question is simple but profound:  it doesn't just suddenly enter the body at a certain time or age or stage of development, and; it is different for everyone. It is an epic and miraculous process, with the soul moving into, then away from, then more deeply into a gamete cell or the zygote or a group of cells that are in movement and that are morphologically changing. Now you can find out what it was like for you.


Thanks to Brigitta Breyer for her pastel of Conception.

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